Humanity on Planet Earth may have had an awakening this year, for myself, a chapter of my life closed shut forever. I lost my belovéd sister Sabrina and just two weeks later, mighty Craig Norell my husband.

One can survive anything if such devastation happens on the cusp of June. The leafing trees, the scents, the flurry of birds, happy bees. Physical labour helps while the mind unreels the memories and re-constructs the steps towards their deaths, if there was something that could have been done to change the outcome . Somedays, even if I woke with optimism of what I could accomplish for the day, by noon I was spent and would lie down on the outdoor couch (one of the best accoutrements for home improvement!) under the gazebo. Then, stiff and overheated, I would move to a shadier location, now with a snack and glass of wine.

I survived the summer, autumn, and the winter solstice has just passed- the darkness is over and time ticks adding a minute and a bit everyday until it will be June again. The celestial event: ‘The Great Conjunction’, of Jupiter lining up with Saturn, is happening this week at sunset and was brightest on Monday December 21. Yes it was spectac, you could see those mysterious rings on a slant without a telescope. This alignment happened about 800 years ago and will occur again 60 years from now. I had my chance and made a wish.

Kepler drew this, thought you should know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dear Readers of this Blog about OUR Bees. Be Well.

Author: Rita Komendant

I am an observer of the human condition, studied in Architecture. Another pilgrim of the space-time continuum. If a situation arises that needs my voice, I will engage. (thank you Tim Berners-Lee) Nature is my Temple.

2 thoughts on “2020”

  1. Cool photos on your blog. Made me click the link to look and see .
    Loved your comment about you can ‘survive anything on the cusp of June’
    After the double loss you had of your husband Craig and your sister Sabrina.
    Your couch and gazebo sound just the thing

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  2. You, me, humanity is going through a time of testing. It is not easy for anyone. Will enough of us make the right choices to continue?


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