A Golden Summer

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The first taking of honey from Hive No. 3. The first taste at a bee meeting Tuesday September 10, 2019 at the Kakabeka Legion, a communal tasting session. I had resisted until we were all assembled. My husband Craig was amazed that I did not partake. I wanted to be in the company of other honeys to compare it to, I brushed my teeth before leaving the house.

“WHAT???”                                                                                                                                                    “THIS is MY honey????”                                                                                                                          Since that moment, things have happened. Beginners luck?   A good summer. Luck again? When I came home from our Monthly meeting of Thunder Bay’s Beekeepers’ club                                     I filled out the forms for a submission in the “golden” honey category at the  Fair in Toronto (November). Today AND yesterday I spent ALL day on the internet searching for the correct jars, if your honey is not in the “Canadian Standard Jar” there will be point deductions. Apparently the largest distributors of said jars are out of stock, the shipment from China arrives in December a month late for the most prodigious Fair in the Land. At the end of the day, finally found some in Barrie Ontario, ordered BOTH sizes, tall and short, from https://innisfilcreekhoney.com Thank you Brian Scott!

Now, its about nomenclature. Is it the “Tall” version of the 375ml or the “short” 375mls.     I am amazed we even got to the Moon Werner Von Braun. How long has that Fair been in the works for a Canadian Standard Jar?

The taste of the honey. All this kerfuffel about jars and forms and internet surfing is about the taste.  On the form the RAWF asks you to describe the taste. Donning the Architects hat I typed: Rare. All of Nature’s depths along River Bank forage.

Thank you Bees of Riverdale. I love your work. See you at the Fair! xorHive No. 3 summer evening webRiverdale Bees on a summer evening, chilling on their verandahs.

Author: Rita Komendant

I am an observer of the human condition, studied in Architecture. Another pilgrim of the space-time continuum. If a situation arises that needs my voice, I will engage. (thank you Tim Berners-Lee) Nature is my Temple.

One thought on “A Golden Summer”

  1. Thank you Rita…that was beautiful! You are the honey, rare and beautiful. I marvel at your expression and passion. I love what this has all brought to you and Craig and all of us onlookers, who get a little peek at the journey. I’m licking my lips thinking about the taste. Well done, girl! 🎆


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