Opening Day

Honeybee greeting

Winter wraps have been removed from both hives,  the R10 2″ rigid insulation, candy boards and the cedar chip pillows. (note date: April 22 & 23 2019) Everyone seems happy. No sign of Nosema, yuk. Brood is in the works, (there has been some hatches as I observe the hovering flights at the entrances) Even Honey has been capped and there is a constant stream of the airforce with their payloads of Pollen! Where are they finding that? There are some minus temps coming up this weekend but I wanted to get the moldy bottom board out and help clean out old bees. Onwards!

Also, some interesting news and I will download the images, Rutter Tree Services was here today to take down the rogue beehive from last August. Yes, Hive No, 2 swarmed and set up their wild organic hive over 30 feet high in a spruce. A precision removal thanks to the hydraulic bucket and bim-bam-boom- I have a showpiece exhibit! later then . . .

Hive retrieval 1 web.jpg

a gorgeous day in the Thunder to do this . . .

Rutter Guys and Hive web.jpg

the PRIZE! Nature’s beehive, the organic forms of honeycomb in lobes.                          Bees, alas, all died with exposure.


Author: Rita Komendant

I am an observer of the human condition, studied in Architecture. Another pilgrim of the space-time continuum. If a situation arises that needs my voice, I will engage. (thank you Tim Berners-Lee) Nature is my Temple.

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