A Bee Day

Well, I think it is safe to say we made it through the winter. Bees are out enforce and I have a coffee and a chair set up to watch. How did we get through? Beeginner’s luck? Perhaps it was the straw bale wind break surround or that I dried out the cedar chip pillows in mid February on a 0° day. I was concerned about air flow as the entrance cleat was at its smallest opening, less than 1″. Hive No. 1, the stronger- curious, no one is using the low entrance…I wonder what mess awaits down there in the bowels of the brood chamber. The big attraction today is a wet towel hanging from the deck railing- are they drinking? Yuk. The wet towel was sopping up the leak we have in the basement. Drag.

I will have to change into lighter pants when I go out now to insert 1:1 syrup jars. Last year I got stung through my black tights. Black = scarey animal coming to steal our honey! Will post photos of how the beeyard fared over the winter. Just excited to share the news. Toodles.

Author: Rita Komendant

I am a 'one off'. Studied in Architecture, observer of the human condition. I will fight with all my life experience thus far when 'a situation' arises that needs my voice in words. Nature is my Temple.

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